Doug Zeiler

Seattle-Sand Point

Windermere Real Estate Co.

5424 Sand Point Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

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Office: (206) 524-1100

Mobile: (206) 683-9862

Fax: (206) 526-7614



Website: dougzeiler.withwre.com


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Why real estate, you ask?

The real estate business is a great business!  Why do I love it?  Well, it's always changing, endlessly fascinating, and doesn't stop for a minute.  Following on 20+ years working in food and fashion in Seattle and New York City, real estate is where I happily find energy, stimulation, excitement and most of all the opportunity to meet people from every walk of life with all kinds of adventures to share.  Every day wonder what's in store for today and am always surprised.  What better business is there for someone who loves to travel, enjoys geography and map-reading, and is always up to hear about an experience and a good story?  It's this business.  Without a doubt, the greatest and most rewarding satisfaction I experience comes from the people I meet and connect with and with whom I get to share the journey, people just like you.  And that, in a nutshell, is why I love real estate. 

Who I Am...

I've always been very dedicated and focused on whatever I'm doing and am a very hard-worker.  Regularly touring Seattle and knowing what's on the market every week is a vital component that keeps me in the know about what's happening in real time for my clients.  I've helped people buy and sell properties from the south end of Lake Washington to Edmonds and everywhere in between.  Learning about processes, sharing that information with others, and the ability to navigate the twists and turns are what I bring to the table.  If you read those Zillow blurbs you'll find that my clients say the same.  If I don't know the answer, I will find out.  If there's a challenge to be met, be assured I'll step up to meet it.  When you work with me we are in it together.  My clients know where to find me and know that I'll be there for them.  They also know that our professional relationship continues well past the transactional end of things as one of long-term friendship.

How to connect...

Whatever your real estate needs may be, whether you’re interested in selling a property, buying something new, in search of a good restaurant or simply want to talk, call me at (206) 683-9862. I return every call, email or text swiftly and promptly...promise.
Let's share the adventure and move forward together.