Pattie O'Loughlin

Seattle-Sand Point

Windermere Real Estate Co.

5424 Sand Point Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

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How did I get here?

I've worked in all aspects of real estate since 1992. I have a strong background in Lending, Title Insurance, Escrow and as a licensed real estate assistant. Since 2003, I have specialized in developing unique marketing strategies for properties, commercial developments and agents.


Social Media: I have developed marketing strategies on every social media that are specific and tailored to target the type of clientele corresponding to each property type.

Online Property Marketing: In today’s world the average ancillary real estate website is ineffective at attracting sophisticated buyers and even less effective at attracting sellers. This aspect of the real estate business is the most dynamic and provides the greatest opportunity for innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Online Personality Marketing: Marketing both agents and brokerages has correspondingly been on a steep curve for the last 5 years. Interlinking web presence with social media sites is becoming increasingly critical to attracting both sellers to the brokerage and buyers to the property. How an agent presents themselves online is more important than merely showing up online. The difference is akin to wearing a business suit vs. blue jeans to an interview.

Other interesting and often useful skills

I speak fluent Realtor.