How We Help You Lease

How I Help You Lease
Windermere’s primary focus is moving the property to maximum occupancy with the best tenant quality and lease structures. Windermere exposes its client’s properties to the widest range of national, regional, and local tenants that are actively looking to expand or relocate their businesses. This focus allows its commercial real estate property owners to maintain a high net operating income for their investments. As your Windermere Commercial Broker, I am committed to providing a complete offering of commercial real estate services, including: 

  • A commitment to make your entire experience as stress-free and efficient as possible.
  • Consult with you on your specific leasing situation so that we can recommend the best real estate action for you.
  • Work with you up front to determine the conditions and terms you will accept in the lease of your property.
  • Conduct a thorough analysis of the value of your property.
  • Research all leasing potential, including our roster of potential tenants.
  • Create a tailored marketing plan for your asset, including:
    • Creating target-leaser profile with a plan to reach these selected potential tenants
    • Including your listing on all relevant commercial databases
    • Featuring your property on the
    • Developing an advertising plan tailored to your property
    • Customizing flyers and brochures specific to your property
    • Targeting other brokers who specialize in the subject property type to spread the word
    • Revisiting and amending the plan as feedback is received from the market
  • Aggressively executing your marketing plan by:
    • Proactively working your target list
    • Contacting our growing roster of potential tenants
    • Preparing your property for lease including staging and recommending improvements
    • Representing your best interests by being present at every showing of your property
  • Regular reports featuring updates and consumer feedback.
  • Facilitation of a smooth and efficient contract process.
  • Following up to ensure all parties engaged in your lease or sub-lease contract to your expectations.
  • Committing to a long term relationship focused on maintaining a pipeline of interest for your space to keep it occupied